Privacy policy

I believe individuals have a right to their privacy and am in favor of comprehensive privacy legislation such as GDPR.

Cookies & local storage objects

I do not use cookies for any purpose. I use the localStorage browser API to keep track of your preferences, such as embed consents.


When you access this website, I collect anonymous usage statistics so that I can improve my service offerings. I use self-hosted Umami to do this. Umami collects no personally identifiable information and is GDPR compliant.

Examples of information I track are:

If you do not want to have your stats added to my analytics, you can either tick the following checkbox or turn on your browser's Do Not Track setting.

When I embed content from third-party websites—like a video on YouTube—you will need to provide consent before that embedded resource loads. This is both because I think you should have the ability to choose which websites you share data with. Below is a list of possible consents—you can opt in or out at any time.

Third-party services

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